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XPP: The World's First Polypropylene Designed For Form Fill Seal Applications

Safe, efficient, and recyclable rigid FFS packaging material alternative to polystyrene.

The Advantages of XPP® Polypropylene

Historically, polystyrene (PS) has been the material of choice for rigid form fil seal (FFS) food packaging applications. But the material comes with several disadvantages, from sustainability issues and limited recycling options to health and safety concerns. ICPG’s XPP® polypropylene is a revolutionary mono-material rollstock solution that maintains all of the positive attributes of current PS materials – processing, function, barrier protection, quality, cost – in the form of a more sustainable and recyclable solution that offers drop-in process compatibility for PS replacement made easy.

Improved Performance

XPP® has superior performance over traditional PP, has similar performance to PS, and is superior to PET in weight, temperature resistance and process compatibility on FFS lines.

Process Compatible

Because of its functional similarity to PS, XPP® can be used as an effective replacement with existing processing equipment for lower CAPEX requirements than alternative PS replacement options.

Enhanced Efficiency

Lightweight, low-density XPP® offers a significant density reduction in comparison to PS and PET. This results in higher yield, reduced cost, and reduced material consumption.

Compliant with Regulatory Requirements

XPP® is FDA-Approved for Food Contact, is compliant with European Union (EU) Framework Regulation 1935/2004 and is produced under FSSC / ISO 22000 standards.

Sustainable & Recyclable

While other materials such as PS and barrier PET have limited recycling options, XPP® can be Post Consumer Recycled even when coextruded with EVOH.

Simplified & Food-Safe

XPP®™ is a simplified, safe solution free from phthalates and BPAs and ensures compliance with Proposition 65 guidelines.

Discover the Benefits of XPP®

XPP provides improvements to key functional properties, to offer similar characteristics to current PS packaging – including the characteristic “SNAP” of form-fill-seal multi-packs – in the form of a more efficient, sustainable and cost effective solution.

Watch the video to see what XPP Polypropylene Solutions can do for you!

The Next Evolution in Form Fill Seal Rollstock

For Rigid Polypropylene Food Packaging

Increased Barrier for Food Packaging with XPP + RE-BA

XPP serves as a replacement for PS across a wide range of applications, but we’ve taken the material even further with our next advancement: XPP with reimagined barrier technology (RE-BA) takes a new approach for barrier applications. Rather than coating, or laminating materials, RE-BA creates a barrier through a tortured path when combined with XPP. The result?

XPP with RE-BA is safe for barrier food packaging applications, but it is also recyclable, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Want to find out if XPP with 
RE-BA is right for your application?

Reach out to our experts to discuss your packaging needs and see whether RE-BA is the material solution you’ve been looking for.

Enhanced Barrier

Improved barrier properties without the use of specialty materials or coatings:

  • 90% improvement in OTR vs traditional PP
  • 90% improvement in MVTR vs traditional PP
  • 100% improvement in OTR vs PS
  • 150% improvement in MVTR vs PS

Mechanical Improvements

Improvements to key functional properties offer process compatibility for simple PS replacement:

  • Maintains PS “snapability” & “scorability” for FFS
  • Increased flex modulus/stiffness
  • Controlled shrink during forming
  • Compatibility with existing FFS platforms
  • Minimal CAPEX for equipment modifications

Increased Efficiencies

Low density solutions promote improved efficiencies & controlled cost:

  • 12% yield advantage PS & 30% advantage vs PET
  • Increased cost savings
  • Reduced material consumption:

    • 1,000,000 lbs PP = 1,120,000 lbs PS
    • 1,000,000 lbs PP = 1,300,000 lbs PET

Elevated Sustainability

Lightweight PP-based solutions promote improved sustainability profile & low carbon footprint vs PS & PET:

  • Recyclable (RIC #5)
  • Non-mineral filled structures maintain PP density & ability to sort for recycling
  • Less CO2 equivalents by weight
  • Less solid waste by weight
  • Lower fuel consumption & lower emissions

XPP® Polypropylene in Action

  • Form-Fill-Seal

XPP® Polypropylene Solutions for Your Applications

XPP offers safe, sustainable packaging solutions for a wide range of unique applications, from snack packs to yogurt. Explore our solutions to find your ideal fit.

  • Process Applications

    ● FFS
    ● Thermoforming
    ● Aseptic, Hot-Fill, Retort, MAP, HPP, DFS

    Examine Our Materials
  • Market Applications

    ● Refrigerated & shelf-stable yogurt multipacks & PC creamers
    ● Portion condiments, dips, sauces, jams, jellies & coffee pods
    ● On-the-go snack-packs, component meal kits, RTE meals & baby food

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  • Performance Features

    ● Enhanced OTR & MVTR PP for shelf-life extension
    ● High Barrier Coextrusion with EVOH
    ● Expansive range of process & application temperature compatibility

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  • Structure Configurations

    ● Monolayer
    ● Multi-layer coextrusion
    ● Symmetrical & asymmetrical structures

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Talk to a Material Solutions Expert

Looking for the perfect packaging solution for your applications? A material solutions expert at ICPG can help you determine whether XPP® is the solution you’ve been looking for.