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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P.)

Custom MAP Packaging Solutions

ICPG works with companies to select the right materials for their modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging: How it Works

The MAP process involves carefully curating an environment inside the package that controls the inner atmosphere of the container, slowing oxidation and microbial growth, enabling extended shelf life for refrigerated and shelf stable products. This is done by removing oxygen from the packaging and backfilling it with a controlled mixture of inert gasses, which are tailored to the exact requirements of the packaged product; it is typically a nitrogen CO2 flush. The gas remains in the packaging and slowly dissipates, keeping the food fresh for a specified duration.

Modified Atmosphere Food Packaging Applications

Modified atmosphere packaging is well-suited for products that are generally consumed quickly after purchase, as the gas mixture within the packaging does dissipate over time. It is particularly well-suited for meats, microwavable meals, and other applications where the food might spoil quickly without the addition of the gas blend.

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Material Solutions for Modified Atmosphere Packaging Applications

As the packaging industry continues to evolve, you have a choice between many polymers that are well-suited for MAP. As you determine the best material for your application, there are certain considerations to take into account. You want a material that can fit into your process and meet the needs of your application while still remaining sustainable and cost-effective. For MAP applications, you need a barrier material that will retain your gas mixture longer, keeping your food safe and unspoiled. If you’re looking for the ideal solution, ICPG can help.

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