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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Packaging

High-quality, sustainable thermoplastic for select packaging applications.

Benefits of HDPE

High Density polyethylene (HDPE) is a cost-effective, sustainable material that is used in a wide variety of applications ranging from rigid packaging to flexible films. Its strength and versatility make it an option for manufacturers looking for a viable sustainable material that can be used in packaging applications from freezer to microwave. Benefits of HDPE rollstock include:

Strong & Durable

HDPE is a durable material that is impact resistant and long-lasting, providing strong package integrity. For thermoformed applications, the material is ideally suited for food tray applications ranging from microwaveable meals to case-ready trays.


The material is FDA approved for direct food contact and provides good organoleptics (taste and odor).


HDPE is highly recyclable. The material is accepted through recycling programs and once reprocessed, recycled content can be utilized in a wide variety of applications, making it a sustainable, long-term package solution.

Inherent Moisture Barrier

High Density Polyethylene is ideal for moisture-barrier formulations. HDPE offers better oxygen-barrier properties compared to low-density polyethylene or polypropylene, but is not as effective as EVOH for oxygen permeability.

Make It Yours

  • Custom Material Structures

    ● Monolayer
    ● Multi-layer coextruded barrier structures using HDPE for high moisture applications

  • Compatible Applications

    ● Thermoforming
    ● Deposit Fill Seal
    ● Frozen
    ● Microwave
    ● Printed lay-flat sheet

  • Personalization Options

    ● Custom colors
    ● Customized barrier specifications
    ● Specialty topical additive coating
    ● One & two-side corona treatment

Is High Density Polyethylene the Right Fit?

HDPE is an excellent choice for many food processing and packaging applications. Its strength, durability, chemical resistance, and recyclability are a great fit for packaging applications ranging from food to household cleaners. But is it the right solution for your application?

As industries search for improved sustainable solutions, HDPE is well suited for thermoformed tray and container applications. However, the material is not without its drawbacks. Most notably, it lacks the clarity of competing materials and is commonly used in opaque applications.

ICPG is leading the charge in finding new packaging solutions for the food, medical and consumer packaging industry. Introducing XPP®: this advanced polypropylene material developed by ICPG is a true sustainable solution that provides food-safety with superior organoleptics. It can be used as a replacement for PS, reducing the cost, time and investment necessary to upgrade your packaging process.

For companies looking for true sustainable rigid packaging solutions, XPP is an ideal solution to rapidly advance their sustainability goals and make a real impact.

Explore the best replacement for PS: XPP

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