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Custom Packaging Solutions

From Concept to Commercialization, Develop Your Solution.

Collaborate with a team of innovative industry experts to create customized structures that optimize the performance of your product. ICPG streamlines your packaging project, limiting the number of costly, time-consuming revisions and redesigns with a time-tested development process that propels your go-to-market strategy and steers you to success.

Define the Specifications

In this critical first step of the production process, we define packaging requirements based on food product, part design, processing conditions, distribution environment and retail conditions. When determining the specifications that achieve the desired performance of your custom product, many factors must be considered. We’re available onsite to help you refine your options and solidify a packaging solution. Our team of experts is on-hand with consultative expertise to help you refine the requirements and specifications of your application.

Develop a Design

Once the requirements are defined, we can get to the fun part: designing your custom-thermoformed part. We consider all factors including barrier specifications, shelf-life expectations, part geometry, material attributes and part handling to refine the part design for optimal performance and forming. In this stage, rollstock structure and material choices are meticulously refined while our team of thermoforming experts either provides consultation on your existing part designs or sketches out something brand new with you.

Create Renderings

After the problem has been identified and a design is developed, we craft a variety of renderings for a realistic portrayal of the finished part in full production mode, prior to mold design and fabrication. This stage’s goal is to limit the number of required revisions while evaluating part aesthetics and performance for end-user compliance.

Conduct Rollstock Trials

Upon the approval of your renderings, we move into a trial stage, where your custom-designed rollstock is manufactured on a production-scale extrusion line using the specified requirements of your application. Our in-house design & process engineers experiment with resin selection to hone in on key attributes, color, clarity, and additive integration from our specialty portfolio. We’re available to consult on material selection and recommend features that further enhance your brand.

On-Site Thermoforming Trials & Process Consultation

After rollstock production, our team of thermoforming experts is available for on-site trials & process consultations. We’re equipped with decades of industry knowledge in the complexities of thermoforming and food packaging, processing & sterilization methods, and we’ll be there to collaborate with you every step of the way.


After sailing through your trial phase, you’ll approach the approval stage of the development process where commercialization is addressed. Let ICPG take the lead on logistical planning, interfacing with component suppliers and co-packers to ensure a fully-integrated supply chain experience that exceeds your expectations for quality and consistency. We can’t wait to see your product stand out on store shelves!

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