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Fill & Seal

Dynamic Designs for Fill-Seal Packaging Processes

Catalyze the creation of your thermoformed containers with customized rigid packaging solutions. Choose from a cutting-edge selection of custom barrier rollstock structures & pre-formed containers for automated deposit-fill-seal and fill-seal processing systems.

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  • Market Applications

    ● Applesauce
    ● Fruit
    ● Dips and sauces
    ● RTH & RTE meals
    ● Baby food
    ● Toddler meals
    ● Pet food
    ● On-the-go snacks

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  • Material Solutions

    ● Polypropylene:
    – XPP
    – Re-BA
    ● Polystyrene
    ● HDPE
    ● PET

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  • Performance Features

    ● Blended Propylene for added stiffness and impact resistance
    ● Customized barrier specifications
    ● Enhanced OTR & MVTR PP for shelf-life extension
    ● High & low temperature clarified PP
    ● Snap-able PP
    ● Suitable for Hot fill applications

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  • Structure Configurations

    ● Barrier extrusion lamination
    ● Multi-layer coextrusion
    ● Symmetrical & asymmetrical structures

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  • Proven Excellence

    Learn about our longstanding commitment to fully certified food packaging solutions.

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  • Reliable Resources

    Uncover an expertly crafted collection of food packaging know-how in our in our Industry Insights blog.

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  • Sustainably Focused

    Discover how our methods and materials reduce, reuse, recycle and reinforce our everyday dedication to sustainability.

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  • Superior Support

    Trying something brand new? Tap into our on-site technical support services to help you through the development process— one material at a time.

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