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Process Optimizing Polystyrene Rollstock.

Understanding the features and benefits unique to each polymer, we produce structures designed with targeted expertise. Meet your application’s exact specifications with custom High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) rollstock structures for rigid thermoformed and form-fill-seal packaging applications.

Why Polystyrene? Explore the Advantages


Polystyrene materials are FDA approved for food contact making them a suitable material for a range of packaging applications in the food, medical, consumer goods, cosmetics and even industrial markets.


Polystyrene is known as a very easy material to process in thermoforming and form-fill-seal processes. The inherent rigidity of this material offers key functionality such as the snap-ability and score-ability required for certain form-fill-seal packaging applications.


Polystyrene materials can be easily customized to make packaging projects stand out with variety of options including custom colors & coextruded bi-colors, custom embossing, decorative film lamination, and high-gloss COEX and is compatible with printing processes.

Mechanical Properties

HIPS rollstock materials carry a high impact strength. This increased toughness and impact strength results in a high-stiffness product offering ultimate durability and protection of the food product inside.

  • Dairy Packaging Company
  • Dairy Packaging Company

Make It Yours

  • Custom Material Structures

    ● Monolayer
    ● Laminated barrier HIPS
    ● Multi-layer coextruded barrier structures including:
    – PS/EVOH/PE
    ● Symmetrical & asymmetrical configurations

  • Compatible Applications

    ● Thermoforming
    ● Aseptic
    ● HPP
    ● Retort
    ● Hot-fill
    ● FFS and FS

  • Personalization Options

    ● Custom colors
    ● Custom-designed decorative lamination
    ● Application-based barrier specifications
    ● Specialty topical additive coating
    ● One & two-side corona treatment
    ● Performance additive integration

Tackling Polystyrene (PS) Replacement Initiatives: Innovations in Form-Fill-Seal Polypropylene

We get it – polystyrene has been good to you. As a reliable material offering advantages in cost, process compatibility and mechanical properties, polystyrene still offers significant benefits that make it a suitable material for certain applications.


Health and safety concerns regarding California’s Proposition 65 have resulted in concerns about the use of Polystyrene in food packaging.

In addition, pressures to improve the sustainability and recyclability of single-use packaging has cause this material to fall out of favor in the world of food packaging spurring PS replacement initiatives and programs at food processors across the globe.

Meanwhile, unfavorable classifications of polystyrene materials from organizations such as How2Recycle downgrading PS to “not recyclable”, and the U.S. Plastics Pact’s classification of PS & PS/PVDC as a “problematic” or “unnecessary” materials to be phased out by 2025, have further added to the urgency of material replacement initiatives.

Overcoming PS Replacement Challenges with Polypropylene Innovations

To date, the search for PS replacement materials have been met with solutions that cost more, fall short on performance, or require significant capital expenditure to modify or replace existing form-fill-seal processes. In addition, Recognizing the attractive sustainability attributes of polypropylene, many attempts have been made to develop a polypropylene-based solution for form-fill-seal, only to result in significant downstream processing challenges and compromise to part performance, ultimately proving infeasible – until XPP.

XPP Polypropylene Solutions maintain performance, reduce cost, and improve sustainability – all while offering a lower total-cost-of-ownership solution vs PS & PET alternatives that is compatible with existing form-fill-seal equipment for drop-in processing. Visit our XPP Polypropylene Solutions Page to learn more:

Explore the Advantages of XPP for PS Replacement

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