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State-of-the-art food packaging technology that powers real-time precision.

ICPG’s proprietary visionX system provides individual-layer-thickness measurement that redefines the word “precise.” With real-time data analysis driven by electromagnetic wavelength technology, visionX delivers a level of accuracy unattainable with conventional capabilities and technologies.

Why Use ICPG’s VisionX Technology?

  • Quality

    VisionX raises the bar on quality, so you can ensure consistency and accuracy across production runs.

  • Performance

    VisionX propels the performance of high-quality packaging, even if your specifications are pinpoint precise.

  • Sustainability

    VisionX’s meticulous measurement capabilities mean reduced material waste and a lighter carbon footprint.

See How It Works

Watch VisionX technology in action! Using sensors that emit a light electromagnetic pulse to gauge density and weight (mass per unit area), VisionX provides optimized process control, layer consistency and material usage to ensure your most rigorous project specifications.


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