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Custom Hot Fill Packaging Solutions

ICPG helps manufacturers select the right materials for their hot fill applications.

Hot Fill: How it Works

Hot fill is a packaging process that is commonly used for packaging high acid food applications such as applesauce. In this process, the food that is being packaged is heated to a high temperature (185-195 degrees Fahrenheit) and deposited into a barrier cup. The package is then sealed and allowed to cool. By heating and sealing the food product inside the container, the food is now packaged in a shelf-stable environment, with shelf life potential of 14-16 months. Hot fill is an excellent method for safely packaging food products, and material selection is critical for your hot fill application given its ability to withstand the high temperatures associated with the hot fill process.

Hot Fill Applications

Hot fill is an effective process for applications where food is intended to remain on the shelf for several months without spoiling. It is commonly used for applesauce, jams and jellies, and a range of other food-safe applications.

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Material Solutions for Hot Fill Applications

As the packaging industry continues to evolve, you have a choice between many polymers that are well-suited for hot fill. As you determine the best material for your application, there are certain considerations to take into account. You want a material that can fit into your process and meet the needs of your application while remaining sustainable and cost-effective. If you’re looking for the ideal solution, ICPG can help. We offer a range of high-quality materials for the packaging industry — and we have the expertise to help you determine the best fit.

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