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Coffee And Tea

Creatively Charged Coffee and Tea Product Packaging.

Streamline the success of your single-serve coffee and tea products with custom-designed barrier packaging material structures for shelf-stable, rigid thermoformed containers. We understand the packaging requirements and we’re ready to innovate solutions.

  • Coffee Packaging

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  • Material Solutions

    Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, EVOH.

    Examine Our Materials.
  • Compatible Process

    Deposit Fill & Seal, “Component” Fill & Seal (Component Represents the Filter), High Volume Thermoforming.

    Discover Compatible Applications.
  • Personalization Options

    Custom Sealants (Peelable or Weld Seal), Custom Colors and Bi-Colors, Clarified & Clear-Tinted PP, Specialty Additives & Absorbers.

    Explore Our Specialty Additives.
  • Structure Configurations

    Mono-layer, Barrier Laminations, Multi-layer Barrier Coextrusion in Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Configurations.

    Assess Our Extrusion Capabilities.


  • Proven Excellence

    Learn about our longstanding commitment to fully certified food packaging solutions.

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  • Market Solutions

    Explore our selection of material solutions for Coffee & Tea pods and capsule applications.

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  • Reliable Resources

    Uncover an expertly crafted collection of food packaging know-how in our in our Industry Insights blog.

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  • Sustainably Focused

    Discover how our methods and materials reduce, reuse, recycle and reinforce our everyday dedication to sustainability.

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  • Custom Design Process

    Let’s collaborate to advance innovation. Explore exactly what your customized packaging is capable of.

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