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Snack Packaging

Packaging Solutions for Your Most Scrumptious Snacks.

From protein packs to puddings, fruits and dips, we understand the complex requirements for innovative, custom, sustainable, shelf stable and refrigerated snack-packs that deliver on performance and brand differentiation. Partner with us on packaging design and development that seals in the power of your creativity.

  • Custom Snack Pack Packaging
  • Custom Snack Pack Packaging

Make It Yours

  • Material Solutions

    ● Polypropylene
    ● Polystyrene
    ● PET
    ● EVOH
    ● Laminated Barrier & Non-Barrier PET
    ● FFS Compatible Polypropylene

    Examine Our Materials.
  • Compatible Process

    ● Hot Fill
    ● M.A.P
    ● Retort
    ● Deposit Fill Seal
    ● Form Fill Seal
    ● Aseptic
    ● HPP

    Discover Compatible Applications.
  • Personalization Options

    ● Custom Colors & Bi-Colors
    ● Clarified & Clear-Tinted PP
    ● Mineral Filler Blending
    ● UV Inhibitors & Light Degradation Additives
    ● Custom Decorative Film Laminations

    Explore Our Specialty Additives.
  • Structure Configurations

    ● Monolayer
    ● Laminated Barrier & Non Barrier
    ● Multi-layer Barrier & Non-Barrier Coextrusion

    Assess Our Extrusion Capabilities.


  • Proven Excellence

    Learn about our longstanding commitment to fully certified food packaging solutions.

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  • Market Solutions

    Explore our selection of material solutions for Snack Pack packaging applications.

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  • Reliable Resources

    Uncover an expertly crafted collection of food packaging know-how in our in our Industry Insights blog.

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  • Sustainably Focused

    Discover how our methods and materials reduce, reuse, recycle and reinforce our everyday dedication to sustainability.

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  • Custom Design Process

    Let’s collaborate to advance innovation. Explore exactly what your customized packaging is capable of.

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