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Custom Form Fill Seal Packaging Solutions

ICPG helps processors create the perfect form fill seal packaging for their applications.

Form Fill Seal: How it Works

Form fill seal production lines for rigid packaging applications are designed to combine multiple processes into one system. Integrating thermoforming, filling, sealing, and die-cutting into one process enables the form fill seal lines to efficiently form containers that are then precisely filled with the target food product, such as yogurt and pudding, then sealed ready for distribution.

The process starts with a large reel of rigid rollstock which is heated by contact plates to become formable. This sheet then moves to the forming station where cups are formed through the traditional thermoforming process. Remaining in the “web”, these cups move to the filling and sealing stations, where the cups are filled with product and sealed with lidding film. Next, the filled and sealed cups advance to the die cutting station, where they are cut from the “web” into finished products, such as multipacks, and proceed to automated secondary packaging lines for final, retail-ready packaging with minimal labor.

Form Fill Seal Applications

Form fill seal processing is used for a wide range of refrigerated and shelf-stable applications, from portion control dips and sauces to on-the-go snack packs, baby food, yogurt, and much more. Polystyrene has long been a popular choice for form fill seal packaging because it has a wide processing window suited to the limited heating and forming process capabilities of form fill seal equipment. Its stiff nature results in strong top load strength and protection for the product, and its ability to be trimmed and pre-scored makes it ideal for creating the satisfying “snap” in yogurt and pudding multipacks. To enhance the performance of traditional materials for FFS applications, a barrier substrate such as EVOH can be incorporated. For products processed under specific conditions such as aseptic and hot fill, increased barrier protection extends shelf-life, protecting the products from oxygen and moisture ingress.

Make It Yours

  • Structure Configurations

    ● Monolayer
    ● Multi-layer barrier & non-barrier coextrusion
    ● Symmetrical & asymmetrical structures

  • Suggested Material Solutions

    XPP Polypropylene Solutions
    ● Barrier materials:
    – EVOH
    Reimagined barrier technology (RE-BA)

  • Traditional Material Solutions

    Polystyrene (PS)
    ● Barrier Materials:
    – EVOH

  • Personalization Options

    ● Custom colors
    ● Clear & clear-tinted PP & PS
    ● Performance additives
    ● Topical additive anti-fog and silicone coating
    ● Custom barrier specifications

  • Support Services

    ● Custom development process
    ● Design consultation
    ● On-site technical support

Material Solutions for Form Fill Seal Containers

Historically, polystyrene (PS) has been the material of choice for form fill seal (FFS) applications. However, the industry has evolved in response to concerns over material recyclability and food safety. For this reason, it’s essential to choose the right material: one that is food-safe, sustainable, and can meet the requirements for your specific application. If you’re still searching for the right FFS material, ICPG can help. We offer a range of high-quality material options, and our experts will work with you to select the right material for your form fill seal applications.

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