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Custom Retort Food Packaging Solutions

ICPG works with companies to select the ideal retort food packaging materials for their application.

Retort Packaging: How it Works

Retort packaging produced from rigid multi-layer plastic barrier structures offers an excellent alternative to cans or glass jars for shelf-stable applications. In the retort food packaging process, the food product is deposited into a barrier container, sealed, then processed in a multi-batch steam or water vessel, cooking the food product at a specified temperature over time in order to sterilize the food within the package.

Retort Food Packaging Applications

There are many advantages to using this method. Plastic rigid retort packaging materials are lightweight, durable and available in both clear and opaque structures. They are also customizable enabling branding opportunities such as utilizing post retort applicable printed shrink sleeves and lidding films. Common retort applications include packaging for products such as pet food, baby food, vegetables, and more. The sterilization process utilizing rigid barrier coextruded thermoformed containers ensures performance while providing extended shelf life protection.

Make It Yours

  • Market Applications

    ● Pet food
    ● Baby food
    ● Soups & stews
    ● Microwavable meals
    ● Cut fruit & vegetables

  • Material Solutions

    XPP Polypropylene Solutions
    ● Barrier materials:
    – EVOH
    – PP/EVOH/PP

  • Performance Features

    ● Blended polypropylene for stiffness, impact and high heat resistance
    ● Customized barrier specifications
    ● Retort shock mitigation
    ● Clear and Opaque structures

  • Structure Configurations

    ● Multi-layer coextrusion
    ● Symmetrical & asymmetrical structures

Material Solutions for Retort Packaging Applications

As the packaging industry continues to evolve, there are a number of choices and specific polymers that are suitable for rigid retort food packaging. As you determine the best material for your application, there are certain considerations to take into account. You want a material that can meet the rigors of retort processing while remaining sustainable and cost-effective. For retort processed foods, it is critical to ensure and maintain container integrity in order to maximize shelf-life requirements while utilizing the appropriate level of barrier protection.

If you’re looking for the ideal solution, ICPG can help. We offer a range of high-quality materials for the packaging industry, including our sustainable, recyclable XPP with patent-pending Re-Imagined Barrier (RE-BA) technology, improving the ability to recycle our advanced polypropylene solutions and maximize sustainability.

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