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Allow us to innovate a more sustainable solution. We’re committed to integrating sustainable practices into our everyday operating procedures—
reducing, reusing, recycling and adapting to the growing needs of our planet.

Some Common Questions

  • +What are ICPG’s sustainable material solutions?

    Our capabilities were designed with customization in mind, allowing us to develop sustainable structures using mono-material recycling ID codes. Our incorporation of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials cuts down on the percentage of virgin resin we use. Our expansive materials portfolio allows us to select materials that comply with your sustainability goals.

  • +How do your capabilities affect sustainability?

    ICPG’s capabilities are optimized with enhanced quality monitoring for a more efficient use of resources. Our visionX system monitors individual layer-thickness to ensure that the exact amount of material required to meet specifications is used, saving valuable resources and reducing process-waste from non-conforming specifications.

  • +Is ICPG doing their part?

    ICPG believes a commitment to supply chain sustainability is a crucial part of refining the metrics of an individual solution. We incorporate alternative energy sources and sustainable processes into our everyday operations. Visit our Sustainability page to learn more about how we strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • +How does ICPG define sustainability?

    At ICPG, we believe numerous factors contribute to the sustainability metrics of a given packaging solution. The efficient use of resources, recycling attributes, material choices and complete product life-cycle all play an integral part. Learn more about the many sustainability factors of our rollstock solutions on our Sustainability page.


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