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We streamline the solutions that drive your success! From maintaining high quality to optimizing key processes, we build relationships and strategies that support stringent specifications, product integrity, and cutting-edge performance.

Some Common Questions

  • +What materials does ICPG produce?

    Our packaging solutions support a material focus on PP, PE, PS and EVOH, each of which can be produced as a monolayer, extrusion lamination, or multi-layer coextruded structure. Even further customization can be achieved through our unique application of performance additives, colors and mineral fillers.

  • +What technical support services does ICPG offer?

    Our team of experts offers on-site technical support for new development projects and material qualification trials. We understand change can bring challenges, which is why we provide a dedicated technical support engineer for every project we undertake. Let us steer your team through the learning curves and into production faster!

  • +What are your quality control procedures and certifications?

    ICPG operations follow an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system and we are FSSC 22000 Food Packaging Materials certified. Our quality certifications can be found on our Quality Control page and our groundbreaking visionX system reports quality data in real time, ensuring precise solutions in everything we produce.

  • +How does your custom development process work?

    There’s no such thing as “too early” when it comes to starting a project with ICPG. Our team of experts knows exactly which questions to ask when developing the unique specifications for your project. Already know what you need? Even better! We refine rollstock structures and design innovative solutions that optimize cost, sustainability, functionality and consumer appeal.


Materials + Applications

Custom Development


From case studies to technical data sheets, quality certifications and customer guides, browse our archive of ICPG resources to discover why working with us means learning from the industry’s best.

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