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Food Packaging Engineering

Our next best idea is your biggest packaging breakthrough.

Bring your unique product vision to life with a team of inventive and collaborative packaging experts. We fuse creativity with efficiency to extend the limits of what’s possible.

Some Common Questions

  • +What materials does ICPG produce?

    Our packaging solutions support a material focus on PP, PE, PS and EVOH, each of which can be produced as a monolayer, extrusion lamination, or multi-layer coextruded structure. Even further customization can be achieved through our unique application of performance additives, colors and mineral fillers.

  • +What applications do your materials support?

    Our materials are custom-designed and can be engineered to support a wide range of applications based on filling method, sterilization process and shelf-life requirements. Our rollstock products support thermoforming and FFS processes.

  • +How does your custom development process work?

    There’s no such thing as a plug-and-play solution with ICPG. Through our custom development process, we start with the project requirements and work our way backwards, ensuring everything from part design to supply chain conditions and barrier specifications are considered in designing a custom structure that enhances the performance of your application.

  • +What information do I need to start working with you?

    All you need is an idea! Our team of thermoforming and barrier rollstock specialists have the technical expertise and industry experience to take you from concept to commercialization – even if all you have is a hand-drawn sketch! Check out our Packaging Defined Checklist for more info on rollstock specifications.


Materials + Applications

Custom Development


From case studies to technical data sheets, quality certifications and customer guides, browse our archive of ICPG resources to discover why working with us means learning from the industry’s best.